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Spurn Point

Went with the littlest child, armed with binoculars for a guided bird watch around Spurn Point. We've lived in this area for over 13 years and never yet been!   Apparently it is a fantastic place to see loads of different migratory birds as those heading from the North and North East of Europe and Scandanavia get blown down to it and land exhasted after their marathon sea crossing. We saw a huge mix of species and DD did me proud spotting the greater spotted woodpecker, a pair of little egrets, yellow wagtails and all the birds of prey we saw (buzzard, kestrel, sparrow hawk)-his favourites! Not bad for an 8 year old! Amazed by the guide who could spot individual different bird species in flocks of circling wading birds-that look almost identical anyway!! Saw a roe buck, some fantastic dragonflies, a pair of common lizards and lots of butterflies too. No pics unfortunately.

Sounds a great day we don't have that much here as most stay here

Never done the guided bird watch but it's beautiful up there  

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