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Spring's here :rolleyes:

Well, the bulbs think it is.
My crocus', mini daffs and tulips are all shooting up. I keep most of them in pots that get stacked out of the Sun and in the quiet gloom behind the greenhouse once their leaves have withered. I've just had to redd through them all and nine pots needed moved out and into the light. Then I looked at the flower borders and the bulbs are all coming up through there too. Not just the snowdrops and bluebells though.

There is no dormancy in a garden really, just ebbs and flows


Sounds like here   but weather here is   spring was hot n dry summer is being wet and cold, don't mind the rain but not the cold

We have green leaves appearing but they look like bluebells rather than daffs  

I'll keep my eye on them.

All my late flowering iris are showing.

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