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Spotty Dog goes to school

Lily (and myself) went for doggy training to Canburn's special training school yesterday and found it quite unsettling and VERY useful.
Poor thing slept all the way home and then cuddled up all night with us.
Of course, as Bruce immediately helped John and I see, its not the dog who is needing trained, its the owners, and I have had a lot to get my head round, trying to see what I say and do from poor Lily's perspective.

Hopefully, Ill get better, and we can make an already good relationship even better.

Thanks Bruce.  We will definately come back for a refresher once weve mastered the basics.

Read the title & thought, teachers in the staff room, p*ssed on your cider!

Im sure stranger things could happen (especially down here), but no, we went to doggy training, and its paid off already.

In one day Ive noticed Im not 'having a conversation' with the dog, but telling her in short, clear commands what I want, ans she (bless her little spots) is doing it!

And she slept on the bed last night for the first time, because we both felt she was shattered yesterday!  

I'm sure Bruce will agree with me, a large percent of the time it's the owners and not the dogs that are at fault.

Glad to hear you are now on the right track.

You right Border and the large percentage is just small amount short of 99.999999% ---      


Lorraine, you and Spotty are going to do really well and already progress is being made.

Lily is responding well because she is being to understand what you want because you are being clear and consistent - now all you have got to do is get John to do the same  

The saying I grew up with was "with traning most humans can behave well with their dog"  

Yesterday was really good.  She is really getting it.  A little bit about twice a day.

Trying to get John to follow instructions is like wrestling with water......

And Lily is now a permanent bed fellow now.

Can't you just put John on a lead and take him along to obedience school?

Would love to!

But realistically, like Ben, our ancient retreiver, I think you cant teach an old dog new tricks!

Lorrainelovesplants wrote:
Lily is now a permanent bed fellow now.


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