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Spli Faced Monkey Fist Knot

I made 4 turns around my monkey fist jig and then instead of going as usual I went Under 2 strands, over 2 strands, then over2, under 2 to split the sides into 4 segments. I repeated this action in the third set of turns so that each face of the monkey fist has 4 segments.

I made my jig from a block of wood and 4 dowels similar to this (sorry, no photo)

Here is a bent bit of clothes hanger. Size it to the diameter of the core you are covering.  MUCH easier than tying around your fingers and less cord required (I have fat fingers).  Tony

Use the wooden jig for the split faced knot.  Pull out the dowels to release the knot.  The bends in the wire jig make it very difficult to release the knot.  Tony

I tried 3 colors using the split face technique.  Opposite colors are yellow red,  yellow black and red black.  

That looks really nice.... I may have ago at that.

I still have my 25 metre long rescue throw line in my fishing bag. It is made from a standard 3 turns Monkey's fist of white 8mm diameter tereylene cord wrapped around a Beech wood ball.

Directly below the Monkey's fist is a running hand strap made from an eye splice off one of the whipped together tails of a 5 turn Turks head.

The standing (other) end of my rescue throw line has two largish varnished cork balls threaded on through a centre hole and are held in posistion with whippings above and below the corks and up against another eye splice. It is seven years old now and I've never had to use it, and I hope that I never will.

Gareth (and others)
One problem wiith the split faced monkey fist is changing from under over weave  to over under without having two over weaves in a row. Here is how to do the knot.  Tony

If I ever get caught up with everything I've got on the the go at the moment, I really do fancy making myself a 3 X 3 Split monkey's fist (glass marble weighted) Bolas using 9 different colours of paracord.

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