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Spider Walking Excavators

Anyone on here by any chance had any experience with the above machines? UK makes included Powerfab & Smalley. Some are capable of digging a plumb trench across a 1 in 2.25 slope, as well as working up & down the slope. The turntable (slew ring) remains horizontal - so does the engine, hence no danger of seizing it in action on slopes. Earlier simple models just walked with the arm (wheels non powered). Some later ones also have optional power to the rear wheels - only really of use traveling on flat land. you still walk on steep slopes. The only true spider made by Smalley was the 10 as far as I can tell (meaning one castor wheel could be set higher than the other - hence the cross slope working) Powerfab made several true spiders, along with several continental European makers. I would like to hear from past owners / operators of any of these, mainly what slopes they could push themselves back up. Any alternatives to these for work on steep slopes - e.g. long & wide track bases (problem remains of engine tilting during the cycle)

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