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Spider crabs

I've heard that the spider crabs caught off our coasts are exported to the continent where they are much appreciated, which explains why I never see them on sale in our fishmongers' or markets.

But apparently they are much tastier than the usual brown crabs caught in our south-west seas (though those are delicious enough), so I'd love to get hold of one or two spider crabs. But how?  I suppose I could ask our local fishmongers if they can provide them to order?

Otherwise I could try to catch my own. Local professional fishermen may not be too pleased, but I doubt my own attempts would have any effect on their business. I'm too old to dive down myself, but is it possible to use a rod and line?

Has anybody tried these crabs? Can they be bought? Can they be caught?

When a local fisherman expresses his disapproval to you ask him to supply you a couple next time he catches them rather than exporting them.

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