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Spelt Bread in Bread Machine - Perfect results

Spelt flour does not like a lot of kneading it has fragile gluten. So made in a bread maker produces 'bricks'.  If it's made by hand it is a very wet and sticky dough, difficult to manage and often too much extra flour is used. This is how to make a brilliant whole Spelt loaf in a Bread Maker. It does require concentration and careful timing but I feel it's well worth the trouble, it produces a really lovely, risen Spelt loaf.

1 1/2 tsp dried baking yeast
500 gms Spelt flour
1 1/2 tsp salt
335 mls tepid water
1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil or 25 gms of butter

place ingredients in bread pan in order as above.
set bread maker to Rapid and watch while dough begins to mix, when dough is nicely combined - only about 4 mins. SWITCH OFF AND REMOVE PAN. Cover with tea towel and place in airing cupboard or other warm spot for 50 mins to prove.

Carefully remove pan, taking care not to jar raised dough.

Return pan to bread maker and set to BAKE ONLY for 50 mins.

This produces a lovely raised loaf. Only drawback is the top is a light colour.

Note: I cannot comment or advise on wheat allergies - please check with your doctor first if this type of bread could be a problem for you.

What a great recipe *and* instructions! As I really prefer spelt but never was able to work it right for a good loaf! I have got to try this one! Any suggestions for how long to knead it when making by hand? (I do not have a bread maker)

Spelt Bread Making

Spelt flour requires very little kneading. Really just firm mixing, it's very wet and sticky, so measure water carefully and don't go adding more flour, as this will result in a very hard heavy loaf, so knead lightly. Then straight into tin to prove, then bake. Very nutty loaf, lovely.

Thanks! Looking forward to making it!!!!!

Thanks for this!  Our old breadmaker, a Kenwood, made great spelt loaves on the rapid program. But we have a Morphy Richards now, and the rapid program produces bricks anyway, without the need for spelt.  I'm definitely going to give this one a go.  

Excellent! Thank you!
Never would have thought of this, I still do my Spelt by hand so we haven't had it for a while.

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