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Sparrow Hawks

Does anybody know how to put off Sparrow Hawks visiting a garden? I know they're nice to see but they've taken to visiting my mothers garden for an easy meal, namely the Finches, Tits etc... she puts food out for. We don't want to harm them but would prefer it if they didn't treat her garden like a drive through takeaway. Any ideas? Thanks.

There's little if anything that you can legally do.

Try hanging up old CD's in the surrounding trees but I wouldn't put much faith in it. We have exactly the same problem.

My Mum used to bang a saucepan lid with a wooden spoon and shout rude words at them  

Ours tends to come at around the same time every day and in Summer I try to make sure I'm out and about (if I remember)... sometimes I just hear it...

There was 1 trapped in topps tiles the other week (caught by a leg under the tiles) and a local raptor rescue centre were called, they told the manager it was a common kestrel and he should just kill. The manager was going to punch the mother and son team all over , so we got called in to rescue it and when we said it was a spar that must of chased a bird in he was very suprised, need less to say that raptor place will be getting a knock soon . As for deterring them as Bodger said hanging cd's up sometimes work

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