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Spanish Dishes Required

I am hosting a Spanish themed party on Saturday for my work colleagues?

I was wondering if anyone has any Spanish dishes that they recommend


Kidneys flambeed in sherry.

I do a version involving chicken livers and mead.

The trick is to add a shovel of mild smoked paprika.

I like Spanish food - love tapas as it's great if you can't decide between dishes.  There's always a good mix of seafood, meat and veg, and plenty of cheese.

There are plenty of websites with recipes - have a look and see what you can adapt.

I think I will give this ago

Spanish Couscous

Not strictly Spanish but Canarian.

As you can't get their traditional Black Potatos here, any small ones make a good substitute. I used ordinary supermarket new/baby spuds the last time I did them.

Tortilla - good hot or cold.

par boil some potatoes and dice.  fry onions until pale golden, remove from pan.  add finely chopped garlic (optional) and potatoes to pan and fry together until the potatoes are crispy.

Make up a mix of beaten eggs (needs to be enough eggs to fill your frying poan - this is not a thin omlette but a thick egg dish that cna be eaten in slices) so dpeneding on size of pan around eight eggs.  Add the potatoes and onions mix in and leave to sit for 20 minutes.  a desertpoon or two of olive oil into a frying pan add the egg mix and cook gently without stiring.  when half cooked through and golden brown on the bottom you have two choices - traditionally you would tip tortilla onto lid of pan then replce in pan so top becomes bottom and vice versa - alternatively finish under grill or in oven!

Great with salad.  great sliced and eaten by hand.

Makes a good tapas dish


Chorizo sliced thickly and poached in white wine and eaten with crusty bread

Meat balls in tomato sauce also eaten with crusty brean

white bean stew with spicy sausage


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