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coming on nicely, problem with pocket rockets though is they do like to smash into branbles and other bits of pointy cover  

tiny but tough as old boots..bdooly nose  ..pffft.

few blinds put out for beren to put him through his paces and give me time to take a snap or two.


But they are so lovely dogs   and seen to be having so much fun there  
Dave C

Very nice bb

My black lab has a black thumb print on her tongue where she cit it deep.
If there was ever a line up of labs it would be easy to pick her apart

She really is fearless with cover she cut her shoulder the other day smashing through a stack of cut branches and twigs to get to the dummy. It's the speed she hits it with, nothing deep but a good splash of blood.
Dave C

Blody nose or not, she is a smart looking springer pal  

If i were to get a spaniel (which i am regularly tempted) she would be my type.

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