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spaniels ready for home

obviously i should have whinged about photobucket on OTG earlier......

anyway a couple of phone snaps of the spaniels in the box ready for the drive home after training. so we have Fusey the ESS b/w spaniel; and the two cockers Abel the pup, the black one, and Beren the black 'n' tan, enjoyed a light training session with the adults [they were working on the fells yesterday] and more variations of steadiness training with Abel the pup, not great photos but thought i'd pop them on anyway

Nice looking dogs

Do you keep them for training or do they just come for the sessions with owners?

thety're mine

great looking dogs glad they arestarting well
Dave C

They dont look very tired mate  

Bet they could go again  


they certainly could, to be fair at the minute im not doing too much, the ESS is getting her retrieve polished so she comes straight in, she's suddenly reverted to a wide arc round me before sitting next to me, the older cocker is ticking over he really needs work in a rabbit pen, and the pup just keeping it light 10 mins obedience then something more fun few retrieves that kind of stuff, i reckon each gets 20 mins or so in a training session this time of year.

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