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Space on boat this Friday

I'm off out cod fishing on Friday if the weather holds and have a space available if anyone fancies a trip out.

Will be leaving Northney Marina in North Hayling at 7.30am and be back no later than 5pm.

I ahve plenty of rods if yiu dont have one and fancy giving it a go....give me a shout if interested.

Thats a fantastic offer Furdy.

Why does work always get in the way . Would have loved to join you, only a couple of hours blast round the 25 and down the 3.
As Bodge said. Great offer mate.

Ho hum. Never mind. Fair wind and Tight Lines.

Thanks guys.....

I will happily sort a weekend trip out for you when you fancy a day afloat. It just happens that this weekend I've got a few guys out for both days that have been waiting for a trip. We have been a little limited by strong easterlies and they have been waiting for a while.

It's the easterlies/north easterlies that do us too. Local Charter Boats work on a 5 or above forcast and stay on mooring. Sensible lads, shame some of the Private Owners don't do the same. RNLI Crew don't really need the practice.

That sound fantatic, what a great offer   wish I was there

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