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South Wales Mainly South Pembrokeshire

From the train from Swansea past Burry Port


The line in the rocks is the coal seam

Loooking at Caldey Island/Tenby from Amroth


Wisemans Bridge looking East


Behind the Harbour



South Beach looking at Caldey Island


Great pics thanks for sharing

Broad Haven South

From Coast Path to Barafundle

Hobbs Point on Cleddau

  thank you very much great sandy beaches and great looking places great to see as only way I will get too.
Yorkshire Geordie

Very tempting - it looks like a good place for strolling and sightseeing OR a serious coastal walk over a number of days.
Smashing views and colours, thank you.

It's a lovely place. Sadly we had to cut our camping holiday short this year as the wind and rain earlier this week got too much   Can't complain though as the last two years there have been scorchers!

Here's a few holiday pics taken before the weather closed in:

Looking towards Saundersfoot from Tenby

Tenby, North Beach

Canoeists near Barafundle Bay.

Barafundle Bay from the coastal path.

Sea Cave between Stackpole Quay & Barafundle Bay.

Stackpole Quay.

Nice Pics Perlog

Here are some from Laugharne

A view of the estuary with the incoming tide running. I have sailed many times on the yacht in the pic.

         You have managed to photograph Lois' car in the picture of the pub at Wiseman's bridge. My parents live in Saundersfoot and Wisemans bridge pub is Dad's favourite local and Mum's friend is now the present land lady.........we were inside there having a drink with my parents when you took that snap.    

Can you see the large rock in the background of the photo of Glen Beach, behind Saundersfoot harbour? When the tide is in and that rock becomes a miniature island it is one of my favourite lure fishing for Sea Bass spots.

Well strike a light lol just proves what a small world it is - passing each other without knowing , If I had known I would have bought you a pint Gareth ! We are in Saundersfoot all August

At Pembroke - Nice walk around the Castle.


I have often parked in that car park....................... are the parking bays in the tidal zone on the ramp still free?

I've seen more than a couple of motorists there who wished they had paid and displayed.      

If you can picture where the last photo  of the castle was taken from the road there has  a layby which takes 2 cars free  

One of my favourite walks in Pembrokeshire
This was an old tram line taking coal for shipping from Saundersfoot harbour

That is me walking towards the tunnel -you can see the other side of the tunnel

The view back towards Wisemans Bridge -on the way back I met an old school friend !
I is an easy level walk with stunning views.

Yorkshire Geordie

Lovely - beautiful scenery.  

Pembroke Castle Defence

Surrounded by water with a narrow land access to the gate anybody getting through the gate defences as in this pic are faced with the killing field in the third pic

I would give uo lol

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