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green man

sourdough scones

Just thought I would try some of these as Flourance only takes an hour or so to be in full throttle. they will go in the oven in about 30mins time for about 15mins.

Well? What were they like, as yummy as the bread or what?

green man

sorry yes they are great still have some left but bob and I have pigged far too many, very easy to make will try and get a picture .
green man

Started another batch to day as we have eaten them all, we love them toasted, promise a photo if I don't ruin them.

Well this batch even better than the last one.

Do have a scone.

These scones are a cross between sourdough and Irish soda bread method.

Mmmm....warm with butter
Rare one

Yes mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Typical when I've no cooker well NO KITCHEN at the mo, the builders have been demolishing it all morning.

Cor. They look scrummy - a nice dollop of damson jam and some clotted cream. Mmmmmmmm Love Lizzie

Yum yum!!!

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