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Sounds from yesteryear ?

Think about the sounds that you used to hear when you were a youngster and  now take the time to think again. Whch sounds don't you hear now ? Which ones do you miss ?

Car alarms, burglar alarms, trains, traffic, aeroplanes, leaf blowers, emergency services' sirens, police helicopters, pelican crossings, next door's TV and radio..... don't miss any of 'em  

The sound of Shelton Bar's rolling mill, on a hot summer night with the bedroom window open...I miss that...  

Where I was brung up...we lived under the main runway to then ...
Elmdon Airport....Marston Green railway Station was just up the road....

Then ..never even noticed

Don't think so....

There again....we had loads of wide open spaces we could play in...
King George 5th playing fields...
can remember sitting so quietly by the brook catching Sticklebacks....
going into Coleshill to catch minow....
just the sereene ripples of water....nothing else ...maybe the odd bird..

but the with going into....Well what is now infamous estate...well known....I mean that with no disrespect...not only did I once live there...also worked there on the building/carpentry side....

As a child it was our playground.....bluebells, rhodendrums,
remember them in particular...rhodies....May me b'day...
wind through the trees....crunching of debrie beneatheth our shoes....

could go on for ever...smell of trains..smoke....freshly troden leaves bells...pick 'em take them home to Ma....
My favourites.....50 plus yr back.... cheers Bodger.....  

They are mine....    

The  Summer sounds of the old push/pull lawnmower and the clip clip clip of hand shears cutting the privet hedges. Such peaceful sounds compared to the screech and whine of modern machinery.


I hATE ...WITH VENGENCE...only occassionalllllly will I stay in bed ...say Sunday morning..........aaaaaand if I do! Why?....the precious sounds...

Of the Bally 'Overs......

still thats..a ... goodly few month away .....
'appy        'ave a good one...  

Far off Steam Train whistle - on a hot summer night.........


I miss the sound of the old farmer next door where Grandma Bodger still lives calling the cows in early in the morning and late in the afternoon for milking. I also miss walking past the farm and hearing the squish squish of the milking machine and hearing Alan the farmers boy ( well into his sixties by the way) singing to his cows. He was always very partial to any songs by the Bachelors. All these sounds are now a world away and about 40 years in the past.

I also miss hearing the cuckoo everywhere, all day long throughout every summer.

Factory hooters signalling shifts and breaks.
Boats in the the docks sounding off to herald in the New Year.

As a 14 year old, our school took a whole load of us to Shelton Bar as part of their almost non existent careers advice service. The place was massive and awe inspiring to see. Its hard to believe that in excess of 20,000 people worked there then and that it doesn't exist anymore.
green man

Rag and bone man, milk man, paper boy, polite neighbours wishing us good day.

there used to be an old air raid siren a few miles away from us, and it was set off every now and, there is a factory way down in the town that has a siren that is similar.......takes me back i can tell you.

i miss the smell of the sea, and the gentle sound of the waves on the sand thru the night.

the cows calling to be milked.

seagulls squawking.

the gentle munchin of hay in the cowshed and the clanging of milk churns as they were being moved to the outside step for collection.

my mother calling me and my dad for breakfast.

the wind howling thru the telephone wires, and sand beating on your face as you walk along the road.

church bells and people chatting as they walk to church.

the atmosphere and friendliness of the local pub, where everyone knew everyone, and would all be happy enjoying a drink and a packet of crisps, while playing darts or dominos, then great cheers when someone won.

and finally, something that will never ever be repeated............

the final flight of concord over the severn. the sound and sight of that was totally breathtaking and very very sad. there were hundreds of us on Brean beach watching that great plane fly majestically overhead, and not one of us had dry eyes.

A proper local pub is certainly something thats on the way out. They have either closed or become eating houses.

Going back to milking cows and milk churns clanking, I still look out for the platforms at the entrance to farms that were once used to stack the churns on and get them upto the right height to put onto the lorries.

My Grandma remarried and lived on a small farm in Mow Cop. Her new husband kept a small herd of ten jersey cows which gave the deepest of yellow milk. When the dairies decided that the churn needed to be a thing of the past, he and lots of other small farmers were forced out of milking cows. As young kids, my brother and I loved being there at milking time. They had a small electric motor on wheels that was trundled up and down the shipon to power the milking machines.

yes bodger the ' concrete platforms ' are the steps i refer to.
th farm is still there but it is now a hoseseasons park, not to sure if the platform is still there tho....farmhouse is.

I suppose really it's the sounds of Old London Town I miss the most.

Sparras singing the dawn chorus. Coughing their lungs up each morning.

The cry of parents to their kids. "If yer duz it agin I'll beat the living daylights out ov ya!"

The sound of a road accident in the smog.

The clip clop of Katy the U.D. Milkmans' horse coming down our road and when she stopped the sound and aroma of her ripping one out.

Road being freshly tarmaced and because you had a bit of a chesty cough, being dragged out to breath the healing, hot, damp fumes.

The unforgetable purfume of the weekly "Pig Bin" collection cart.

Vic in a basin of boiling water with your nose in it and a towel over your head.

Our local boozer, The White Hart, Saturday night with the, "You hum it, I'll play it, never had a music lesson in me life", Joanna player with one arm and three fingers.

Underground Gent's (?) Toilets. Once sniffed, never forgotten.

Why O Why did we leave?

Yes Bazzer - you've brought memories back of the eerie silence of a pea souper fog over the city. Walking miles,from one side of Birmingham to the other, from school, literally not being able to see more than a yard in front of us!

BarryK wrote:
Far off Steam Train whistle - on a hot summer night.........

Something I hear once a week now, I always stop and listen as they steam by with one from the museum!

As a boy I used to wake up to the sound of a blacksmith's hammer making horseshoes. its a posh house now called Forge Cottage!

Sky larks almost everywhere you went.

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