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Soon be away

These 5 little fellows will soon be flying south.

Its amazing how hard their parents work to feed them, in and out hundreds of times a day.


We watched 3 Blackbird chicks fledge last night, it was lovely. We locked the dogs away and sat for a couple of hours as they all hopped around the garden with Mother bird feeding them still. Trouble is there are many cats around and I fear some may not make it. Also have a Sparrow Hawk who is coming round regularly, but that's nature for you.  

One of my favourite birds Swallows, MYPartridge hee hee that I was protecting from a Magpie recently, is down from 11 chicks to 2 now   [/i]

The images below was taken yesterday afternoon.

The images below were taken this afternoon, out of the nest sitting on top of the dog runs.


I found an injured juvenile swallow in the stable last night. Don't know if it hurt itself when the thunderstorm was raging - it couldn't right itself, kept rolling onto its back.
I couldn't get it to feed so left it in a box in the lounge to 'pass in peace'.

Anyway.... still alive this morning, so I found a place called 'the Owl Box' on google  and went racing over to Anglesey this morning to leave it in the hands of the experts.

Fingers crossed......

While I was there, amongst other assorted wildlife, I saw a pair of gorgeous fluffy, noisy ans smelly (!) young barn owls.  

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