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Songkran Festival in Thailand

The 12th April is the start of the (3 day officially) Songrhan festival here in Thailand but more like a week in reality. It is party time which has its origins in the change from the dry season to thw wet season but the wet season starts later now most years.
The festival is an excuse for youngsters to throw water at anyone and it is a fun event for them.
In our road there are some speed bumps and as I was approaching on my scooter there were 4 kids 3 girls one boy aged about 5 to 8 getting ready to set up an ambush. They cannot wait till sunday. It was the wicked grins on their faces that gave the game away but luckily for me their water pistols were not fully loaded so I escaped. We went out in the car not more than 15 minutes later and now there were 8 of them in ambush and a motobike coming the other way with 2 on board got drenched. The water pistols were not enough- now they had small buckets, All 8 were sopping wet but grinning like cheshire cats.
It's gonna be a tough week in store avoiding them and the scores of others.
This 3 d Art in Paradise pic  is a guide for what is in store


Video here

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