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Dave C

Somethings wrong

Well there's defenitly something wrong with the fertility of my little La Bresse flock.

Just hatched 1 from 9 eggs while my IG eggs hatched 8 from 10.

Last hatch I hatched 4 from 9 but 2 of them had something wrong with them and didn't last long.

Now I am unsure of the age of the cock bird so maybe it's time for a replacement, the hens are about 3-4 years old and lay really well.

Any ideas ?

What are you feeding them? You might find you have to up the protein levels.
Dave C

There on standard layers pellets and some scratch corn in the afternoon

I think I need to reduce the number of hens he has which is 11 to about 5
Or give him the chop and keep a young male from my chicks to use on the older hens next year.
Or bring in some new blood  

Were all his eggs full, or empty?
Dave C

Only 1 clear the others were dis

Jaycee has mentioned protein and I think that's something worth looking at.
I take it that the eggs were in an incubator rather than under a broody? Otherwise I'd say luck of the draw and a poor broody.
Dave C

Yes all in the Incy and the Indian Game that were in with them had a good hatch.

When I cracked the eggs open they were fully formed but dead in shell  

I'm not sure how old the cock bird is ?
And the hens look different ages so shouldn't b too closely related.

If i try another hatch I will reduce his hens, but I don't like hatching any later than now really.

If you go back a year or two, you'll recall the problems that I had hatching Welsummers, while the LS that I had in with them were hatching for fun. Maybe your birds are simply a tricky breed to hatch? Perhaps they need more humidity than IG to hatch successfully?
Dave C

They are very much the "New thing" in the USA (even though they have been around about 500 years)  
So I have been looking on a forum over there.
And the word is that they are generally very virile and easy to hatch  

Just not for me, ha
also Hatchability Problem Analysis by H R Wilson is useful in identifying causes.

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