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Someone elses hives..

A couple of years ago I was invited to do some pest control with an airgun on a farm my brother shoots.
As I was wandering round I noticed 4 or 5 hives almost hidden by brambles in a corner of the field.
No-one had attended the hives in at least a year probably 2.
I mentioned this to my bro who in turn mentioned it to the landowner.

Last night I got a call asking to to have a look at the abandoned hives, now with attendance for 3 or 4 years!.

I'll be taking my bro over as he is interested in the bees and  much closer to them than me.

Fingers crossed there will still be something there!
I'm quite excited at the prospect.


A quick update.
It turns out the hive belong to the Farm owner who has not looked at the since June.......


This is what greeted us..

yup there is a 5ft high stack of national supers, brood boxes and bases. To the bottom left is a whole hive..

this is going under the trees to the right of the first photo.
4 hives are in there..

You can make out the  roof of one and some collapsed boxes.

Once we had cut our way in...
an over turned hive and lid and two more hive in the background.

The final hive, 2 brood boxes,2 supers plus an "empty" frameess super... full of feral comb!

After a while, 2 hours, or so we had gained access to all the hives.

this was open to the elements - it is actually the top section.. upside down. we righted it and put it on a base.

The woodwork was shot to bits.
These was no "spares" and nearly all the hives were full.

We did manage to remove 4 supers of honey, leaving two more as the bees needed the space.
The comb is old, dark and hard as nails but the homey is excellent!

Just trying to extract it now...
I've some other pics on the other camera of what we removed.

Of 7 "hives" there were 5 colonies.

An excellent experience.
I'll keep you posted on the honey extraction...


What a project - good luck!  Must be healthy bees to survive that!

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