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Some very sad news indeed

After 5 years and 10 months of continuous care and diligent attention, some how I've accidentally killed my Sour dough starter and my 4 almost 5 year old (not so) everlasting ginger beer plant  and I haven't a clue how I've managed to do it  the ginger beer starter is not too much of a problem though, as I still have one packet left that Pilsbury dehydrated for me 3 or 4 years ago, so a viable resurrection is possible.

I now have my ginger beer and sour dough jars sat in some sterilising fluid so that I may hopefully kill the responsible beastie...... but I now fear for my 3 year old Mead starter, for the moment it seems to be OK but only because it currently resides in another room.

RIP, my condolences to your kitchen.  

Oh no!

Yikes! Hope the mead fights and wins! I killed my sourdough starter after only a year...! You're doing pretty good!

Oh dear  

Hooray! After a couple of months of unsuccessfully trying, I now have a viable Ginger Beer starter on the go again... some of you may recall that a few months back I lost both my Everlasting Ginger-Beer Plant and my Sourdough starter on the same day after diligently and loving nurturing these for almost 5 years.

I found a forgotten bottle of Ginger beer in the garden this morning which is probably the only one left from a batch brewed last July or August and had over wintered in a flower border. Fortunately it had not brewed out completely and finished fermenting. 1 Dessert spoon full of this sacred liquid was enough for me to establish a healthy starter this afternoon. So I now have a strong and vigorous Ginger Beer starter from the same yeast strain as my original Everlasting Ginger-Beer Plant on the go....... this summer is now going to be a good and happy one folks!

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