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Some pics of my ferts...........(pic heavy)

Hi All,

Thought you might like to see some pics of my lot? They're all working ferrets, but pets too. This is just an odd selection of pics. Hope you enjoy them  

Here's one of my all-time favourite pics........this is our spaniel Sox playing with his wee mate Pounce


Playing?  Sox looks as though he has had a shock

Yours all look amazingly tame.

Lol! he does, doesn't he? The two of them play like absolute muppets whenever I let Pounce out...........Sox has been nipped a few times, but he seems to see it as part of the game. Purdey (my lab') has started playing too. They're really funny to watch! I have a video of them somewhere, I'll dig it out  

They've all been handled constantly since they were kits, so they're completely trustworthy Jo (my OH) used to be terrified of them, but even she loves them to bits now. Can't keep her away form the half the time  

Cracking stuff woodsmoke

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