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Some of this seasons Light Sussex.

The next generation of Light Sussex.

I took a photo of these youngsters last night. They represent the next step in my utility Light Sussex breeding programme. They are 75% my own strain with 25% from the Fred Hamms line. As you can see, this blend is producing quite a bit of colour and of course, as always its going to be interesting to see how they turn out.
I always say that colour doesn't really count and I stand by that but I couldn't help but notice that the last year the straight cross between the two lines produced nice Light Sussex which were slightly lacking in colour.
The reason for the uneven size of these growers is that they represent three different small hatchings, so there's differing ages in the group.

Dave C

Looking good  

Will be interesting to see how they turn out pal.
Yorkshire Geordie

It's a good job they weren't counted before they hatched.  

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