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Some of our garden visitors...

Hi all

Some visitors to our back garden (sorry for the low standard of photography  

A dippy duck that dropped in on our garage for a few hours! (seemed knackered the poor soul    ) after some water and bread, it flew away!!

Foxy Loxy..

Woodpecker, can't remember which type though    )

Fat a55ed Squizzer!!

Incy Wincy Spider!!!

Juvenile Woody..

Maggie attacking my fat balls  

Batmans pal!!

Shield bug..

Spuggiesm at the feeder..

John   [/img]

Nice pics

Good variety there, John

Great pics

great spotted I believe  
Yorkshire Geordie

Very good selection you have there, John.
I hope they weren't all recent shots - one or two look on the chilly side.  


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