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Some of my rabbits. Photo heavy!!

This is Tess my Rew first French lop she weighed in at 15lbs in weight.

Faith the English lop at 6 weeks old in the tumble dryer  

Another one of Faith a bit older.

Rosie my son Evans Black Otter mini rex, now residing in a plant pot out the garden  

Benjamin Orange French Lop

Hooligan Orange French Lop. Father of Benjamin!

Lightening blue eyed white mini lop.

Electra Rew Mini Lop

Mydknight Black Dwarf Lop. This is my Brc Champion he's done very well on the show table.

Chester sooty fawn french lop at 6 weeks.

Ebony Black mini lop doe.

Babies from previous litters.

Norm the giant!!

These are just the tip of the iceberg, some have now gone on to new homes. Will have some pics of the current babies in the next week or so so will post them up soon.

Lisa x

great pics ,love the mini lops

how many rabbits have you got altogether

Hmmm now your asking  

I only have the French, Dwarf and Mini lops now and totting them up i have 40 altogether but that doesnt include the 28 babies i have out the shed at the moment. I won't be keeping all of the Babies although there are a few out there looking pretty good at the moment.

Lisa x

I like Norm

I'm afraid that I prefer the rabbits with sticky-up ears (but the babies are cute )

Aww they're gorgeous. I had mini lops as a girl they were such characters.

Grey and Whitey (please tell me I don't have to explain the names   ) were real characters.

Whitey lived for going under my gran's bed when free and chewing the leather straps on her old suitcase, and you had to drag her out - we learnt a determined rabbit can dig it claws into the carpet like a cat and refuse to come out!!!

Grey would follow me round like a dog. He loved racing me up and down the big wide staircases in repeated games in the old east lothian house!!!


i'll have to dig out my piccis of the french lops and angoras we used to breed.....i have one picci of a french buck in the garden with a lamb.......the lamb was smaller.......the buck weighed in at just under

I'm afraid that I prefer the rabbits with sticky-up ears

Umm! Stargazey Pie using bunnies instead of Sardines.

Rosie is "Lush" ,Faith & Norm consider them bunny napped I WANT I WANT IWANT  

hmmm you will have a job i dont have either of them two anymore       .

Really need to get some updated pics of the new ones in the shed, have some monster frenchies imported from holland and a lovely black and white butterfly buck which you would adore! and No you cant have him  

We have bunnies!

1 that hops around the garden coz he escaped once and seeing as he doesnt dig...we left him to it! The other two live in a run, they were both abused by some kids, one of them had two broken legs and was a right mess! she attacks you given the chance! We've tried handling them both regulary but they just didnt enjoy it, cant blame them after the abuse I suppose! They now both enjoy the quiet life with good food, plenty of greens and lots of hay! Guess they were glad when I agreed to take them on...!


They look lovely- I am gearing the OH up for some Belgian Hares- i just love them

On my regular trips to Lincoln, a shop in the indoor market has an enormous lop eared loose in the shop, obviously getting lots of attention.
I'm afraid they do not appreciate my lip smacking, or gourmet remarks, but sneakingly they are cute!

Problem with rabbits is they have very good memorys so only takes one bad experience and it can change them for life. Abuse is very common with rabbits and children shouldn't really have them unless the parent is willing to take on full resposibilty of the care and of course guide the child on how to look after them properly. They are probably very happy roaming your garden so good on you for taking them in    

I like the belgian hares too chickenstu but i dont think the OH would appreciate me coming home with a pair of them. I will take up another breed one day but for now just concentrating on my lops.

I have some nice Babies at the moment so i am hoping these will do well for me in the shows later this summer but time will tell. It doesnt always go to plan!

My french lops would just smack there lips back at you Stanley lol.

Lisa x

autumnleaf wrote:

My french lops would just smack there lips back at you Stanley lol.
Lisa x

OMG Stanley she aint jokin on that either! Me and Rich visited Lisa yesterday   and you wanna see the size of 'em there HUGE!!!

Oo just seen this, not too sure how i missed it though. Do you by any chance have a female lilac dwarf lop for sale or do you know any other lop breeders that might be closer to me?

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