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Some new mole traps for the new year.

I've been looking at getting some new mole traps to go with the tunnel traps that I already have and I'm going to get some that are called Putanges. They are used in France but are fairly new to the UK. Have a look at this video clip as to how they work, they look to be very useful.
chicken feed

I like using the scissor traps, always had quick results using them.

I've watched a few videos on how to use them and they appear to be a lot more versatile than both the scissors and the Duffus barrel traps. I'm going to get myself ten of them and give them a go.

i have been using Putanes this past year,  good for runs close to paths etc.

Talpex are my fav

I ordered ten of them three weeks ago to give them a try but the factory in France has been closed for three weeks over Christmas and New Year. I'm told that they should be with me tomorrow or Thursday.

Practice setting them , as they are prone to go off on thier own .
Let them rust a but , make sure the trigger is square on and if not set properly they wont set off the mole just pushes trigger down .

Need to be set sensative

My new/old mole traps. They're called Putanges and while they are a fairly new trap for the UK, they are of a design that has been used extensively in France for centuries. They're really taking off in this country now and are being sold in their thousands.

Here's a putange in unset mode and with the trigger mechanism attached.

And here's one in set mode.

The traps come with a special tool to facilitate setting. The spring is extremely strong and you definitely wouldn't want to get your fingers trapped in one.

The basic principal is that you slide the trap into the moles run and the trap is set off when the creature dislodges the square trigger with its nose and then its curtains.

Such a simple yet brilliant design. Happy hunting  

Let us know how you get on .

No fool like an old fool!

They say that there's no fool like an old fool and to prove the point, I'll tell you what I did this afternoon.
Armed with my newly delivered putanges, I headed off across the fields to set my first ever traps of this design. I've done my home work and watched several video clips, so I was quite confident that I knew how to set them. What could possibly go wrong?  In one of the videos, the guy had suggested taking a coloured spray to mark the grass where the traps had been placed. "That's a good idea" I thought, so before trekking off, I grabbed one of the marker cans that I use to mark my pigs.
I got to my first spot and set the first two putanges to perfection and then promptly sprayed the grass green !

     Ah well better than what I was expecting to hear, thought this was going to be a tale about sore fingers  


Fingers crossed for later on this morning, when I'll be inspecting my first attempt at setting them. Time was at a premium yesterday when I set them and I could have done better but you never know your luck, I'll have to wait and see.

Nowt !

Them Putanes need a bit of rusting first mate, to shiny and if set light they twang off easy  ( so people tend to set them harsh )   practise with a few set them and leave them on the side and see if they set off on thier own.

I have been using them a while, also make sure they are pegged down so as molely  pushes into them the trap doesn t move.

I have pics onmy phone but dont know how to put them on here to show

Good luck   Practice   Practice  Practice

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