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Yorkshire Geordie

Some more shots

2017 is already 5/12 through and time goes very quickly nowadays.
Here are a few pictures I've taken in the first 5/12 of 2017:-

Not quite the hanging gardens, but looks attractive.

Local logging.

Red tulips.

The sorting out of Exeter's bonfire.

Wisteria cladding.

Selling local produce.

Wagtail with two toes on his left foot!

You can count them in this shot.

A gull resting.

Like Boots - branches everywhere.

Dave C



Yorkshire Geordie

Biscuit and I went for a stroll this evening when the heat had died down.  

She went sniffing around and chased, without success, a squirrel.

I watched a bee busily working on a blackbery bush:-


The blackberry blossom was like this:-


Other flowers caught my eye also, like these daisies growing out of a wall:-


and this purple flower:-


and this hollyhock:-


Biscuit finished running around without  cornering her quarry, so we slowly ambled home.    


Thanks for the picture show

Thank you for sharing.

nice photos  
Yorkshire Geordie

Here are some shots I took this June (2017).




My favourite trees

Neat cows


Sidmouth view

Snail climbing

Swans and cygnets

Silhoutted tree

I'm afraid that Biscuit wasn't around this time so I went home via the pub.  

Great pics  
Rare one

Great photos  

Beautiful pictures - thank you!

I think the purple flower is a Periwinkle
Yorkshire Geordie

avvy wrote:
I think the purple flower is a Periwinkle

Thanks, Avvy, it sure looks like the Google pictures of a periwinkle.  

Here are three that I took yesterday:-


I don't know what these pink stars are called ........

but I do know a push bike when I see one ............


I would like to find out what the pink flowers are I
got a small piece of this plant from the cliffs at the Lizard about 30 years ago and stuck it in a tub and it has grown and flowered every year since

I think they are succulent ice plants.
Rare one

I agree ice plant (Delosperma) comes in various colours.

Thank you for the information ,in future when asked what they are called I can pretend to be really knowledgeable
Yorkshire Geordie

What a load of bull  


Yorkshire Geordie

This is a view looking westward with Sidmouth below right, Paignton/Torquay on the distant horizon and Ladram rocks in the sea below Peak Hill.



That cow at the back looks as if it determined to get in the pic

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