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Solly has just had

his first "you could put a saddle on it and ride it" comment!  Bless him he's growing up - six and half months now and obviously no where ful grown (got to wait till 2 for that) but he has certainly put a spurt on recently
darkbrowneggs goodness ..... did someone say that...... that's a new one      

darkbrowneggs wrote: goodness ..... did someone say that...... that's a new one      

I know - if Ihad a pound for everytime I had heard that over the last 25 years.....still Solly's first!

I think we need more piccies  

PS had some of your green been chutney with some cold roast pork and very nice it was too.
Dave C

Yes some pics please  

Dave C wrote:
Yes some pics please  

yes please!

Not mine, but until Debbie has time...

I love that too.

That is soooooooo cute.  it not a question of time is a question of expertise of posting photographs!!

cmon debbie it is easy if the photo is on your computer just copy and paste it to your desktop then open post a reply just under the type box it say's attach file in the new window click browse then click desktop select photo and upload even i can do it  

you lost me at the end of the first line!

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