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Solar water heating

I'm sorry. This recent weather is all my fault.

Its always the way when you do something like this that the weather changes.

Been waiting for nearly 3 weeks with perfect sunny weather for my stuff to arrive & as soon as it does & is set up the weather changes for the worse.

Not finished it yet as I am still waiting for the pipe insulation (and now a dry day to fit it).


I knew it was someones fault

Well as they say the proof of the pudding is the "h"eating

The temp display just arrived so out with the tools.

The temp is the bottom display, the top one is SOC.


Hot baths all round then! We have 150l of 60 degree water today thanks to a glorious sunny day. Good on you. Love Lizzie

Our tank / thermal store is 219L & it hit 75.8 at about 6.30pm & has now dropped to 75.2 at 8pm with no water used yet.

Will be interesting to see the temp after I do the washing up & again in the morning.

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