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solar power

ok...any brainiacs here that know anything about solar power?

and i dont mean, well yeah it comes from the

all though i applaud yer intentions mogs,solar energy isnt realy green per -se,theres a huge carbon foot from thr manufacturing,but i guess as long as it lasts sooner or later itll work out less than conventional power!personally if i was minted ide go for it!

A lot of council hand out grants - ours does 75% of costs I think for having solar powered energy installed.

We went to the Centre for Alternative Technology last week and the solar roof that they had got there cost 800 per square metre :smt103

Have a look at this place

so from what i have been reading, there really is no ecological, or economical alternative to using the electricity or gas that is supplied via the usual sources ???

solar power is free
wind power is free
water power is free

but it seems to be able to use it, and help the environment, it will cost us in the long run, either in the making of the equipment needed to convert the power for use, or our pockets.

ok so the government will give you a grant to help cover the cost in your pocket...( and i wonder where that money originated from? ).....but what about the cost to the environment.......

this world has gone mad.

People in the world ae mad because we value the wrong stuff - money.

We inherited solar panels when we moved house. It heats the water on sunny days by pipes passing through two hot water tanks. The hot water cen either then pass throught the conventional oil burning boiler preheated or directly to the supply, depending on the water temperature.
The only problem, other then the british weather, was a three why valve which governs where the water from the hot water tanks go. This broke and to have replaced we had to call the original installers as we could source one anywhere else. They serviced our system and replaced the valve.

As for value for money.... we bought the system with the house so with house prices rising since then I guess cost us nought. Given the quality of the weather we've had we've not had many purely solar days where a top from an immerson heater or oil boiler has been required.
That said, water to the boilers is preheated by the panels so the boiler doent have to use so much oil.
I hope this helps.

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