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solar panels for 99

At first glance looks a good deal, especially as I have two south facing roofs. What's the betting our council won't give planning permission?

(not sure if the link is working - if not, google eon solar panels deal)

Seabird, in most cases, solar panels are exempt from planning permission.

Wind generators and air heat exchangers do require permission though.

Worth checking on the options Seabird.

Colleague at work had solar panels installed, paid more upfront but gets paid per generated unit, which when you get the subsidised units from an energy company, while you save on price you won't get paid per unit in all likelihood.

Worth comparing:

Typical, live in a conservation area with a ridge line that is pretty much spot on north south aligned!

We emailed them ages ago, but never got a reply, so tried again....and again, heard nothing...


Unless you are in during the day or have a high day time back ground demand you would be wasting your money. Plus other companies offer it for free.

They however will be making quite a bit from the FIT payments for the next 25 years.

There is (virtually) no way you will save a 1/3rd of your current bill. They are using yearly total used & made & then guestimating that you will use 1/3 of what is made. Plus they are starting with a daily use of 9kWh which is quite low for most people.

That said you only need to use just under 1000kWh (or less than one year at  33% usage) of the PV power to break even.

Jonty here none of those need consent unless over 10ft above ground for wind generators or heat exchange is hard wired in then electric warrant. So guess some things are still allowed to do here     don't tell the government    

We have a site survey booked for later this week (Bodger doesn't know yet ) from a local company recommended by friends who had panels fitted last year who are very pleased with the rate of return with the feed-in tariff.
We'll let you know how we get on

very interesting - keep me posted.

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