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Solar Garden Feature

Does anyone know how to make a homemade solar pebble pool or ideas on how to make a solar garden feature on the cheap?

We've been after either a pebble pool or feature for ages but the garden centre ones we have seen are to expensive or look rubbish  :xcry:

will some one please answer her shes eyeing up the solar panels on the ticket machines in the swansea car park and the pound shop is doin a special on bolt croppers        

Try a bit of tatting up at the local councl tip. Many good finds can be had at tps.

Then of course there is good old freecycle.

You may not get exactly what you want, but I am sure that that you could alter, modify and bodge until you have made what jeni wants.

As for the parking meter solar panels.... .... ... I'll sponser Jeni a 1 for every one she manages to get.    

make it 1.50 and your on      
MMM i gotta physically stop her skip divin as it is if i show her where the  dump is i,ll never see her  

Sorry dug this up again.... I'm still after a solar water feature not much room for a pond cos i'd want a biggun and not a puddle type one some call ponds. Has anyone got one of these solar water feature's? are they any good? I really don't wanna waste 40-60 quid if they are carp any advice on them at all would be great.


We bought Grandma Bodger a solar powered fountain for her pond but for some reason it kept sinking  I don't know if it's still working now.
Grandma Bodger

its been put away for the winter put weighted large plant pot in the pond so that I could ledge it on it doesn;t sink now and works a treat

Thanks kaz & Grandma Bodger  

My original idea was to get a solar pond fountain and put in over a dug in bucket to use like a sump for the water. Rather than splash out silly money at the garden centre will try a proto type now on the idea useing a pond one  

Sit it on wire mesh covered with interesting pebbles/stones found on the beach.

Well gave up the solar idea after good and bad reports plus the cost ...

Yesterday Richie made this for me   , he's gonna finish it off later this week with a ledge around it and add a few small goldfish (so should have some good Heron photo's on there way   )

He could'nt resist twitting about with the "sprinkles"  


Stop Stop Stop!!!  

Well he was going for a shower anyway    

That's better...

Maybe not ...  

Half an hour later... I shouted "Thats it LEAVE IT ALONE"  

ok so hydro pneumatics is not my strong point she got her bdooly water feature what else could i do oh and her idea of small goldfish is 3 inch ghost koi so i think we will be expanding the puddle when they starts to grow    

morlan578 wrote:
3 inch ghost koi so i think we will be expanding the puddle when they starts to grow

Never thought of that at all... much

I like these...
but better ask the landlord first if we can rent the outdoor pool

I love water features    I tried putting goldfish in one of mine but the cat had other ideas

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