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So ! Whats the first green thing that you do in the

morning ?
I'm not really thinking of you having a pee in a bucket ! honest.  rolleyes.gif  So ! Just how do you start your green day ?
To get me into the right frame of mind, my little start begins with me not using a shaving foam aerosol. Instead, I foam up my fizzog using a block of soap. Its a start, it gets me in the right frame of mind and then I just go on from there.

Switch all the lights off that SWMBO has left on. shocked.gif

Blow my nose :sad3:

Stick some logs in the cooker then fire up the veg oil powered car!

Make a cuppa and put the tea bag in the compost bucket. :-)

Look at the volt meter on my wind turbine stick some coppiced birch on the fire, Then I go downhill a little by starting up the diesel powered cab heater in my Landrover prior to heading off for work.  rolleyes.gif

Cheers, Paul

HonkHonk wrote:
Make a cuppa and put the tea bag in the compost bucket. :-)

Makes two of us then. Second thing is to recycle all the junk paper that comes through the door.

First thing I do in the morning is throw a couple more tyres onto the fire in the garden.
Fill the kettle to the top and boil it for one cup of coffee.

Flush the loo cos the kids use the old saying. "If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down"! Then use the recycled carrier bags to pick up the dog poo from all over the back yard! Who ever said its not glamerous being green. :q11:

After I've tried me damnedest not to add to the greenhouse gases!  

I wash my teeth without running the tap, only using the minimum of water, then I start yelling at all the other household members for leaving lights on, fridge doors open, running taps when cleaning their teeth!

When I shower, I get wet, turn of shower, wash, rinse off! Even debating whether I should stand in a big bucket to catch the water for the garden!

Then it's reclaiming all those recyclables from the bin under the sink!

They call me an old nag! I wonder why!

First thing is to have a tidy round and sort out rubbish into glass, recyclables (plastic bottles, tins and cardboard), compost (I have a container on the side that Bob and I take down the garden to the compost heap) and household.

Forgot!! I usually turn the 3 patio heaters on as well!

I think Gary's right and we should all abuse our environment. His tongue in cheek humour naturally makes sense, and I feel a kindred spirit with him.

The voice of insanity in a reasonable world.

The damage to our enviroment is done. there is nothing we can do about stopping the inevitable, only delay it.

If thats true Gary and it might not be, what on earth is wrong with trying to delay it ?

It is true Bodger.

Have we the technology to stop the Ice caps from melting?
Repair the two holes in the ozone layer?
Remove the pollutants from the sea?

What we do now is too little too late.

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