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So sad.

I know that I have a record of posting BBC links on the forum but I found this one so very sad and  touching.

I remember as an eight year talking to my grand father about his experiences in The Great War.

A very poignant story, i have the impression she was proud to be named after 2 people who loved her and each other


When I was a policeman, I obviously had to attend 'sudden deaths' and fill out what in the Staffordshire Police were called Form 12's and on a couple of occasions, I recall elderly ladies having battle field names as middle names in memory of relatives.
brummie nick

I believe the girls name 'Alma' is named after a battle in the Crimean war.

One of my grandmother's many brothers was always referred to as 'Buller', which, I assume was a nickname, after General Redvers Buller who fought in South Africa in the Boer War. I've found photos in the family album of a soldier in Africa, so I must assume it must be this great uncle of mine. I'd love to know more of the story but never met most of my grandmother's family.

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