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So many pork hocks in the freezer.

For some reason, we have ended up with quite a few pork hocks in the freezer. I guess its because we've selectively munched our way through the other joints and not really had a clear idea as to what we want to do with the hocks and how to set about cooking them.
Over the weekend we had a hunt on the internet and came up with this fairly simple but exciting recipe.

We can't wait to get the first one done.

I think slow braised in homemade cider with some wholegrain mustard would be nice with maybe a dollop of thick cream stirred in at the end.

All sounds delicious - I am off to see if I have any lingering in the freezer

slow braised in cider with sliced onions, chopped Bramley and Sliced eating apples (like cox) and some fresh sage (sorry forgot the clove of garlic) cook long and slow and serve with rice and, at this time of year, roast butternut squash just cut into "boats" with the skin on - (rubbed in a tiny bit of olive oil and sprinkled with course sea salt and cracked black pepper then in a hot oven for half an hour)  You can eat the skin at this time of year.  The two types of apple are important as the bramley goes mushy and thickens the sauce.

Alternative, again given the time of year, mix a brine of 500g of fine sea salt and 3 tablespoons of sugar with 4 ltrs of water and immerse for a week for  ham hock (add the trotters if you have them)  If you want to use more of your cider double the amount of salt and boil hard in 4ltrs of cider before cooling and immersing as above.  Once your hocks are cured (use the sald tray in the bottom of the fridge These  will not need soaking before cooking unless you are smoking them then 4 hours will do it)_the choices are endless but you could try:

Smoking of course - start cool and gradually increase the temp to hot smoke over several hourse then just eat or turn into quicheetc

Ham hock and red lentil soup.  Pop your hock into coldwater in a large pan and bring to the boil.  Empty water and re-fill and bring to boil again.  Leave to simmer for several hours.  Remove hock and if necessary skin stock.  add some red lentils to stock, a chopped onion, a clove of garlic and a tin of chopped tomatoes and simmer all together.  after about an hour or when lentils have gone to mush blitz with a hand blender, season, add some torn fresh basil leaves and the ham hock meat (smoked or otherwise)

Ham hock terrine of course is another option and if you boil trotters at the same time as the hock you have the jelly stock all ready for setting - and some left over for thoe pork pies.

Anyway, a few winter options for you but the list is virtually endless as to what you can do.

sorry, forgot the obvious Ham hock and peas pudding

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