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so i been up 2 times hunting  the trip out last friday with the ferret and then i popped out sunday night about 10pm ish with the lamp and the gun. on sunday night we pulled up told friend to plug lamp in and  get ready  so i get out get boots on go and unlock the gate. drove down scanned the fields all shots was abit to far so went down to the yard and there was the biggest rat i ever saw run across the barn front from stables.  so parked up and went to the gate as the leccy fence was on and its mains so it would hurt for a bit.  done the rounds and nothing stayed out long enough due to the waterlogged fields. they heard us a mile off. on walk back up track  there was a biggish charley wandering about saw us and legged it. so informed the owner and she was happy even though nothing done and informed me i can shoot the pigeons aslong as i do it daytime as i got the go ahead  to shoot in the barn but as there is stables and the horses come in during the night i need to take care of itr daytime maybe after thursday il be  making trip up on weekend to do the barn.

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