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The snowdrops are starting to flower!

They are my favourite flower. Mrs Tiggywinkle said that they were flowering in her garden so we went out to check our garden.

They took some spotting but they are definitely there.

I shall look forward to them becoming bolder over the next few days and weeks .

We don't expect to see ours until Feb.

The last I saw we a good showing of flowering Snowdrops along the bank of the River Wensum at St Helens Wharf and in Cowholme Meadow.

I first spotted the Snowdrops open on the 27th of December, however, during Friday night and yesterday we've had 3 consecutive albeit small tidal surges up the river.
But I am down that way on my bicycle this afternoon and hopefully a little bit of flooding hasn't damaged them.

Taken on the 27th of Dec at St Helen's wharf:


Mine are up; just tiny little white buds ready to open though


Snowdrops are about done here. I saw my first flowering Crocuses of the year today. They weren't open when I cycled by the St James roundabout in the city yesterday afternoon, but today they were in bloom. I've even seen a couple of early cream coloured dwarf daffodils, but I think it will be at least another 10-14 days before the main showing begins earnest.

Snowdrops are one of my favourites too. We're very lucky living here in that many of the local woods are absolutely plastered with them.
When we first came to live here we planted one or two and since then, each year we've split them and replanted some, so that now we have a pretty good display and once they're in flower, they come with the bonus of lasting quite a long time. Ours are at the best now, so I'll get some photos this morning. Not that we need a reminder of what a character Maggie our Border terrier was but we planted some on her grave.

We have Snowdrops and Crocus flowering

we have snowdrops crocus daffodils  tulips and primroses flowering in Plymouth

We planted the snowdrops and the trees when we came here.


Nice pics

Snowdrops are really a long term project if you want them to naturalise aren't they?

Lots of snowdrops in Lincolnshire and even spotted a few daffodils and some rather well grown lambs! Reckon they must have been born early Jan!    Now it feels like spring is just round the corner


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