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Snow Weekend in Ogwen

I took advantage of the Snow and spent both days of the weekend having a bit of a jolly in the Ogwen Valley

I will be uploading more pictures later today or tomorrow.  But for now here is a teaser

This is an image of the Nant Ffrancon

Such a beautiful shot there!

road up to Pen Y Pass was closed

A5 was also as treacherous

Outflow of Llyn Idwal

If you needed the toilet at Ogwen Cottage! You have to climb over a snow drift

Wind + Powdering snow = lot's of drifting snow

Ogwen house in the snow

view of Nant Ffrancon

Wonderful photos - but the view of Nant Ffrancon is superb  
It's really made my day  

Stunning views there Bear

Wow! That last one is absolutely beautiful.  2014 calendar?

Thanks! I am hoping to get another hill fix this week

Some beautiful photos there   Love the one of Nant Ffrancon, definitely calendar contender  

cracking pics Bear!    deffo some 2014 calender pics there,

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