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Snow Shovel Adaptation

I added a loop of cotton clothesline to my snow shovel.  I used a constrictor knot near the blade and made the loop so it reaches to the handle.  It makes shovelling SO much easier.  You don't have to bend to grab the handle to toss a bladeful of snow.  You can adjust the position of the lower knot along the wooden shaft and change the size of the loop to suit yourself.  It made the clearing of the recent humungus snowfall much quicker and with less strain on the back.  Try it!!!

Yorkshire Geordie

Nice knots.

I would try it, honestly, BUT we have no snow here in Devon, anywhere!  

WE have had bucketsfull of rain at times but none of the white stuff - yet!

Are you sending some over here within a day or two?  


We can well do without snow thank you

looks good but thankful we almost never have snow   when we did once we thought it was great fun

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