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stir crazy

snotty kitten

we have a dearly loved kitten who is nearly a year old. she was a sicky baby and was hand reared. she must have had flu at some point as she constantly has a snotty nose and struggles to breath. she has seen two vets who say there is nothing they can do and she will always be like this.

my worry is she gets so cold and as she cant smell anything has no appetitie. i keep her in the warm utility during the day but have to put her out at night as she gets so she wont go out to the toilet as she is too cosy, and i cant have litter trays (dogs, pregnancy ect). she goes to the barn and curls up in the straw but will lay there for days unless we go and get her.

has anyone any tips of herbal or other alternative treatments i could try to clear the snots and help her breathe - i have even put vick vapour rub on her nose. i worry every time i let her out.


It doesn't sound as though you can do any more than you are already doing :-? I hope that someone else can suggest homeopathic remedies etc.....

Id go to another Vet. Have some tests to find out what is exactly wrong with the CAt and then with the correct treatment it will probably be fine. I had a Persian a bit like that, he was tested and he only responded to one type of anti-biotic, within a week of being treated with it he was fine, this was after 6 months of Vets saying "we dont know what else to do" Best of luck to you.

It may be an allergy.
she goes to the barn and curls up in the straw

Perhaps as she is inside all day and turned out at night she may be inhaling dust and allergens from the straw. Try letting her out during the day most cats do their business in the daytime so long as she is let out by about 7 each morning. Try changing her diet. Many cats can't tolerate wheat, so try one with a rice base if you feed dry food. Feed only white meat or fish if moist food. Don't feed cows milk to cats this definitely causes a reaction.
She may also be allergic to the flea treatment you use. If you have a flea collar on her this may trigger a bad reaction.
If none of these work get a second opinion from another vet.
Hope you get her sorted out.
stir crazy

thank you all sooo much - lots of food for thought.
i was really worried about her last night -she seemed to have given up but today is much happier and warmed up nicely
green man

I have read about Auto immune disorder in cats becoming more common don't know any more but it came into my head when I read your Q. so had to share this thought with you, talk to someone from cats protection league and or ask another vet for 2 Opinion, poor little thing ,try lactose free milk and a good cat diet and cat specific vit / mineral tonic?

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