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mrs tiggywinkle


My son has just brought home some Giant african snails!!! Trouble is there tiny. I dont know how long they take to grow - I'm hoping I'm around to see them big!!!
   If they stay still for long enough I'll take some photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Join Bug Nation - they have a snail section :-)

i have african land snails they live to be around 16 years.
we had ares as babys they were smaller than a garden snail .we got them last july  the shell is now just a little smaller than a egg.
they grow to about 8 inch diamiter.
make sure you have cuttle fish in there tank as its calcium for the shells.
what ever you do dont do what i did and tried to pick them up .there suckers are so tough i broke the shell of one of mine.lucky its grown back now.
also watch out when they are around 4 years they will lay loads of egg .

i will try and get a pic of mine.

this web site helped me loads when i first got mine.

this is one of mine .i have four in total.
he wasnt fully extended when the pic was taken.

Why is it that I don't mind snails but I can't stand slugs?

for whenthey are a little bit bigger i would reccomend a bath .i jaus gave mine a bath and they loved it.
the shells are now nice and clean.and they come out of the shell when they are in the water.

I heard somewhere that snail keepers put ordinary woodlice into the same tank which helps to keep it clean. The woodlice burrow down into the peat and are hardly ever seen.

Never heard of that one. shocked.gif

the one thing i do have a problem with  is those little fruit flys.
sod to get rid of.

Wouldn't need many for your bowl of escargots with them!

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