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mrs tiggywinkle

snails again!!!

 Do snails make a noise!!!! Its either my imagination or we have mice in the skirting boards. I'm hoping its the snails that sort of squeek. Its a bit like running your finger on a wet piece of glass!!
   Have asked Bodger but he thinks I'm totally mad.

You are :smt046
Any chance of a video of your snails actually at full gallop ?

yes they do make a noise .its like a clicking .
mrs tiggywinkle

thanks for that Baggy - at least now I know I'm not going mad, and even better we havent got mice!!!!!!

I had never even thought that snails could make a noise :smt103  apart from a slimy slurp as they slime along rolleyes.gif

You learn new things on here every day don't you?

I've heard frogs scream - and had to rescue them when the cats are molesting them.

Slugs also tell the time ... I'm not joking. I normally put any unused cat food out for the hedgehogs. Unfortunately, the slugs have also cottoned on, and there's frequently a little circle of slugs waiting, knife and fork in hand, (joking) in the place where I put the dish.
green man

Yes they do squeak, Ive heard them, have you ever watched a snail reproduce fascinating it is a mutual gratification thing they both have a receptacle and they both have a plonker :smt103  :smt103  :smt103

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