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This could be one for gareth,

How can i turn an upright freezer into a smoker?
i've got 2 freezers that dont get down to temp, but they do work, so i thort instead of just throwing them i'd try and put them to good use  :-)

Any one turned one into a smoker? or any help as to how too would be greatly appreciated  



There are two types of smoker dans. Hot smoker and cold smoker. Both are fairly easy to make but I wouldn't start with your idea of using a freezer.
Why ? Because you really need to dispose of them with the local council so that hopefully the CFC gasses that are in all fridges and freezers are disposed of safely and in an environmentally acceptable way.
A small shed or brick outhouse would a much better start towards a cold smoker.

Thanks for that, infact i might just have the riht place for it  
Theres an old mill at the back of the house, and in there the previous owners had to put a tb pen in, just big enough for a cow, its about 4ft wide and 5ft long, with a doorway in it.

Shall have a look at it later and see if it'l do  

I've got a book you can borrow, you should have said.

Brill, thanks  

Right ! Having seen Gordon Ramsey make a smoker out of a Reliant Van on TV the other night, I've decided that as I have nothing better to do I'm going to have a go at building one.
I've just been to the hardware store and priced up one of the dustbin type garden incinerators that featured in the programme. For anyone who didn't see the F Word, Gordon created smoke within the incinerator and then fed the smoke via a flexi pipe into the van. I've priced the incinerator at 19. 99p
This is just the start, so I'll return to this thread as things take shape with picures of course.  
I'm not saying that it will work of course. :smt046
green man

Sorry I gave it up .rolleyes.gif

Every day I turn a Peugeot 406 into a smoker

On a more serious note, here is a couple of links to info that I have found.

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