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Here's my smokers.......

This is a hot smoker that my old man brought back from the states years back.  It has a charcoal pan at the bottom and then a water pan above that, the idea being that the water keeps the food moist and retains the temperature.  

I found it took ages to get up to anywhere near a decent heat so I converted it to gas the other night by butchering an old portable gas barby and fitting the burner into the charcoal pan.  I'll be testing it tomorrow ith a piece of brisket slow smoked for a good 5 hours.

This is my cold smoker which I knocked up from an oil drum and some cistern overflows

The salmon was dry cured and smoked a few days ago for my wife's birthday tomorrow.  It really is simple and well worth a go!


Looking good Jonty and Happy Birthday to Mrs Jonty for tomorrow  

I had no idea it was Nics birthday tomorrow!

(Actually I probably did, but I'd forgotten   Anyway, wish her a happy birthday from us both?   )

I had an old double-ring gas stove in the shed that I'd completely forgotten about. Found it today when I was having a bit of a clear-out..............guess what's next on the build-agenda? Yep! A water-smoker   I'm really keen to try that brisket!!!! Every time I've seen it on telly it makes me drool..............

A happy birthday to the Boss tomorrow.....

I like the no smoking notice.....

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