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Hi All

I have finally built my smoker today out of an old works locker. Now I need to get a good cure/brine to try some smoker ham.

The question is one the ham is cured and smoked (I will be cold smoking) do I still neeed to cook the ham? How do I make the pama sytle ham, which I believe is not cooked.

Look forward to hearing from you  

Hi M & E

Yes you will need to cook your ham after it been cold smoked.

The parma style ham is air dried and doesn't need smoking at all.

HTH debbie

Hello M&E

WE're no experts but have had a few goes and if you cold smoke you will still need to cook your ham after whether as a joint or like gammon slices etc. We're just about to cold smoke a whole leg in ours
If however you cook the piece first you can then put on a cold smoke to impart a smokey flavour to your taste and you're ready to go.

A parma style ham is dry cured in salt and left to hand for a considerable period of time it will also have the addition of cure 2 which is for cured meats that are to be eaten without cooking

I'm sure someone with more expertise than I will be along shortly to verify/discount anything i have said   but if you search the forum it is a topic that has been widely discussed.....good luck

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