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Smoked Salmon

Here's how I do mine, it really is fantastically easy and you can tweek the cure and smoke to suit your own tastes.

Take a side of salmon, this is before I trimmed the fatty belly off and pulled out the pin bones.

My cure is fine and coarse sea salt, soft brown sugar, dill and a couple of juniper berries.  The ratio of salt to sugar is approximatelt 75% to 25%.  most of the salt is coarse but I put some fine in there if the salmon is quite thick - I reckon it gets into the gaps in the flesh and cures more quickly.

Cover the fish with the cure, it pays to apply more to the thickest parts and less to the thinnest, that way you get an even cure.

The fish is now wrapped in cling film and will cure for 12 hours or so in the fridge.  Make sure you wrap it well as quite a lot of liquid can leach out (which is what we're after) and have an interesting effect on the food on the shelf below.

More pics to follow when I take it out tonight.....

Gave the salmon 12 hours in the cure in which time a load of liquid leacehs out.  Rinsed off the salt and then left it uncovered directly on the fridge shelf to dry for 24 hours.  During this time a 'pellicle' forms which is a kind of a glaze on the outer flesh

Then into the smoker for 24 hours

I brushed this one with Whisky before i put it in to smoke.

Drooling here Jonty

That looks good.

Looking good matey, I'm determined to have a go at this now that we're in Chez Milton, I've so many projects on the list at the moment  

It's really really easy and well worth a try.

Milton. glad to hear you're settling in Sir, once you get the guest roms done it'll be time for you to put in some quality shed time

Jonty just one question.
When you say take in the first sentence, do mean ermmmm "take" as in, is the gamekeeper about?  

Really looks good.

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