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Smoked haddock pate

I mostly make this using Arbroath Smokies (hot-smoked haddock), but I'd cold-smoked some haddock fillets last week & thought I'd gve it a go using them instead....................

I first poached them in milk, bay leaves & peppercorns. Just place the fillets skin-side down & add enough milk to barely cover them. Bring it to a simmer, & then immediately take it off the heat & let the fish cook through in the hot liquid. 10 minutes is more than enough to cook them through beautifully  

Remove the skin & flake the fillets

While the fish is cooling, mix two tubs of soft cheese with a handful of chopped chives, a few finely-chopped capers, & a sprinkling of pepper. I dry-fry some smoked paprika to go in mine only need a teaspoonfull, but you can leave it out if you like. Makes all the difference though!

Give this mixture a good stirring

Then add the cooled fish & mix well

Pile it into whatever containers you feel like...........

Then make some toast!  


that looks scrummy.  We will be firing up our smoker at the end of the week - I have some hams in doing

It looks so simple as well.
Definitely one for us to try.

A tip is to go really easy with the paprika! I accidentally overdid it the first time I made this & it didn't half give it a kick!    I quite liked the heat, but you could leave the paprika out altogether if you wanted to  

Should imagine it'd be nice with smoked sweet paprika too  


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