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Smallholder Show Builth Wells 21st and 22nd May

If someone has already posted about this-- apologies---just wondered who else  was going?


Not us this year, we're off down to Devon on the 23rd.

We went to the early ones and really enjoyed them but in recent times, we've come to the conclusion that they've gone OTT with the admission prices, for what at the end of the day is little more than a glorified carboot sale.

we're off to the Devon County Show that weekend, would like to go to the smallholders show one year tho, but it's a bit far for us.

I didn't go last year but weather permitting I'm giving it a go this year,there's always been plenty to see and it's not too far for us to go. The cost of diesel to get to places if they are a long way is a bigger consideration for us than a hike in the entrance ticket.

Got two free tickets for entrying some sheep.

Never been so really looking forward to it- the folks I know who have been and have always really enjoyed it.

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