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Slugs...... to kill or not to kill??????????

I have heard it said that black slugs do not harm one's crops!

A little rhyme went:
If it is black put it back, if it is brown put it down.

Is this true, because I can't stop myself from killing 'em all?  

Thanks in advance.

All slugs eat vegetable matter, so as far as I know, kill em all no matter what the colour and in any case, they're all squishy if you stand on them in bare feet.

yuck Bodger that is so gross. My family laugh at me when I go around with a pair of scissors cutting them in half, but I'm afraid I just don't like them, or snails, but the snail just learn to fly  

Eeeeeyyuukkk!! Bare feet! i usually go searching with a tent peg and just skewer them when I have a full slug kebeb I fire them off over into the field.  

By the way it was an idiot of a man (IMO)  that said that about black slugs
Bill Oddie

the slugs in my sister's garden ALL turned brown when they ate the dog poo on the lawn!!!  

Seabird wrote:
the slugs in my sister's garden ALL turned brown when they ate the dog poo on the lawn!!!  

Too much information    

I remember our daughter treading on one with bare feet once - I've never seen such a silly song and dance done about something in all my life!  

I remember my grandad killing them with salt when I was little.  He'd tip it all over em with the cry "Gerron with yer, yer bl**dy thing!" and then it would start disolving into a slimy mess - the dirty old git!    

The only good slug is a dead slug. Love lizzie

The old boy, that supplys all our veg swears by beer traps, and a sand ash, soot.

He pours some beer in a bucket and puts the bucket in a pre dug hole so there is about an inch over ground level.

Between the buckets he lays a trail of mixed sand, ash and soot, slugs do not like crossing this mix as it drys up the mucus which slugs rely on to move.

You could always get yourself a couple of muscovy ducks.

Just get some chickens, no slug problem here (the chucks have scoffed more of the garden than the slugs ever did but at least they turn it into eggs!)

I have tried - with success the beer trap method before, also powdered bran, they love the aroma from it, but as they have their fill of it they swell up and die, they end up like jelly babies yummmm! this way is also very good for wildlife that eat them as there is no secondary poisoning as there would be with slug pellets.

Chucks and Ducks are out i'm afraid, no livestock allowed on our tenancy.


Having some success with a yucca plant extract, seems to be keeping the little perishers at bay -----     for the moment

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