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Beer Slops?
Since the late 80's I've reared numerous batches of weaners for my own and friends freezers. Some of those batches were reared when I was working in a pub and consequently, there diet was supplemented by the addition of beer slops.
These days, I'm taking my pig keeping a little more seriously. So seriously, that I'm actually milling and mixing my own pig meal. I haven't fed beer slops for many years but I do just happen to have good connections with three pubs ( No I don't have a drink problem ) but I know that I can get a considerable amount of the amber nectar from these establishments.
At the moment, I feed my home produced pig meal to the pigs wetted with water and my obvious question is, would it be beneficial to substitute the beer for the water?
Other than having extremely happy pigs, do the 'panel' think that beer slops could play a useful part in successfully fattening pork pigs? After all, you rarely see a thin beer drinker. My concern of course, is that many of them are too fat.
What nutritional value does beer have? Has anyone in the group successfully used beer to fatten pigs?

we used beer slops ONCE for our lot.  was given 40 ltrs of it.  The boar didn't like it, the fattening pigs passed out and the sows beat shit out of their houses that were never the same again (the houses not the sows) however, the local pub that we got them from now rears his own on beer slops with limited amount of hard feed.  he has very happy laid back pigs not too fat but he does do commercials or commercial x's kept outside on the top of the cliffs.  

Definitely has a feed value and I would definitely work on at least the basis of 3 pints of beer to replace every lb of feed as you would with fruit and veg

I used slops about 30 yrs ago , about 2 gallon a week, always seemed good to me

google says there are about 320 calories in a litre of beer and about 3500 in a kilo of barley so the fattening effect of the beer is small compared to behavioural problems if drunk .


Alcohol evaporates though. So older slops might not be quite as potently piggy pissedness making

I'm told that feeding lees and slops to pigs is a very old custom though.

Wonder if you could sell the bacon with it as an advert ? Fattened on 'olde best organic ale' or suchlike
Marmite did it with the yeast from certain brews for a bit there.


Well I already call my pigs Cider Pigs on my website so perhaps it might be worth me pushing a new line of Beer Pigs? It doesn't have quite the same ring to it does it though?

If the weathers a whole lot better today than it has been, then we need to pump the now fully fermented cider from the blue plastic barrels into the oak ones where it will mature and improve until the summer.
There'll be about three or four inches of cloudy gungy cider in the bottom of each barrel which I'll feed sparingly to some of the pigs.

Scrumptious on scrumpy


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