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Sloe Vinegar

Sloe Vinegar

As you may already know from my various and numerous other posts here on OTG, I make exceptionally good show winning fruit vinegars. I have made Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, mixed summer fruits, black forest fruits, Plum, Damson and Cherry vinegars, etc. but I have never heard of a Sloe vinegar before, so it just had to be done.

I got this year's bottles of Sloe Vodka sorted this evening. I use the 50-50 volume method. 50% pricked Sloes, 50% Vodka now to be left in a nice dark cupboard for 14-15 months.

However, I had about 500g of Sloes left over, so I decided to make some Sloe Vinegar. I chose to use the "Jamming" reduction method because of the size and quantity of the sloes, the skin on them, and the stones inside them. About 100ml of water was bought to the boil and the Sloes added while keeping the heat up and mashing them with a wooden spoon.

After I had mashed the Sloes down on the heat I strained the mushed up flesh from the stones and skins.

Several quick rinses with a dash of spirit Vinegar and a good stirring made sure all the mush was separated out.

The rest of the 1 litre of spirit Vinegar was added to the mush, bought up to the boil and 1 kg sugar added before bringing it back up the boil, and then turning it down to a gentle simmer for about 45 minutes to reduce it by about 1/4, to thicken it to the consistency of a good syrup.

It has a great taste and now it's bottled I'm going leave it for about 9 months to mature and see if it makes the grade as one of my show Vinegars for next year's show season.

The bitter-sweet taste of this Sloe Vinegar bought to mind using as a marinade for game birds, pigeon and rabbit. I think I'll give it a go with some Quail or Partridge first.

That looks good! I will be intrigued to know what it is like in 9 months time  

Come Christmas when we open and drink a bottle (or two) of last year's Sloe Vodka, I just may retain the Sloes to make a vinegar with. I know that the boiling and simmering will take off the alcohol, but it should leave an interesting if not epic taste when the vinegar is made.

In the past I have have made Apple & Sloe Jam and Apple & Sloe relish from the Sloes recovered from the empty Vodka bottles and they were outstanding flavours. Especially the Apple & Sloe relish on slices of cold turkey, with a bit of a salad and jacket tater.
Rick & Carol

what a good idea, I made up our sloe gin yesterday. Previous years sloes and blackberries from the Blackberry rum get recycled for sweets & cake mix. but I wonder....

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